Published on 08/08/2022 7:27 am
Why Do We Need Bite Turbos?

Bite turbos are tiny acrylic or metal ramps. They often cement them to the chewing surfaces of any rear teeth or the back surfaces of upper front teeth. Bite turbos are available in various metallic, red, and blue colours. Bite turbos function as a speed breaker between teeth to prevent a patient from fully biting. Alternatively, let your teeth move freely without colliding.


You can treat numerous dental problems with bite turbos. Patients with overbites may benefit from using a bite turbo because it applies precise pressure to the teeth. According to Miami beach orthodontics, bite turbos can also correct a deep bite and misaligned teeth.


Can we wear bite turbos with braces? 


Wearing braces can cause several bite issues to the table. When top teeth contact the lower braces, it may cause two problems: 


  • First, a high probability exists that your bottom teeth will shatter or misalign. It's very uncomfortable since top teeth might push bottom teeth out of alignment instead of correcting them.


  • Second, the bottom brackets and braces may become harmed due to an overbite. The turbos might help in this situation by making it simple to wear the braces.


What to do if bite turbos break? 


According to a pediatric dentist Miami fl, Bite Turbo is unlikely to go out of control, and there won't be any issues if one Bite Turbo does fall off. Please phone us if you misplace either of them. We'll likely set up an appointment to have them replaced, but if there is enough movement, they may not require anymore.


What to do if you are having trouble with biting with bite turbos? 


The back teeth will not come together wholly when chewing when they bond the bite turbos to the front teeth. According to orthodontics Aventura, the front teeth won't contact if positioned on the back teeth. The first week of eating soft foods will help you get used to this new sort of bite because this condition is temporary. Your speech can be slightly altered, but it will improve after a week.


Do bite turbos cause discomfort? 


As your teeth start to migrate into new locations in your mouth after getting braces, you could experience some discomfort. The best orthodontist in Miami says Bite blocks may add to your pain because the force you use to chew is present in the places where your bite plates hit your teeth. Over-the-counter pain reliever medicines like acetaminophen or ibuprofen can reduce most pain.


Anaesthetic gels like Anbesol or Orajel may occasionally be helpful. While getting used to your braces and bite blocks, you might also need to change your diet to include softer foods. Smoothies composed of fruits, veggies, and protein powder could be a healthy substitute for items that require chewing.


Do bite turbos cause speech impairment?


Some persons may lisp or make vowel sounds differently when speaking due to biting blockages in the path of their tongue. Blocks affixed to your teeth' lingual (inside) surface are more likely to cause this issue. Even when speaking to individuals you know well, changes to your speech pattern may make you uncomfortable.




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