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What Is The Use Of The Lower lingual Holding Arch?

 A lower lingual holding arch is a permanent appliance that keeps the lower dental arch open. This appliance acts as a "space maintainer," preventing the lower molars from migrating forward and obstructing the eruption of permanent teeth.


The lower lingual holding arch can also serve as an "anchor" for various types of elastics. You can also use it with another appliance like a Carriere Distalizer to address "overbite." According to the orthodontic specialist of Florida, Other possible applications for a lingual holding arch include: Regaining extra space that is accessible when infant molars shed, Stabilizing and sustaining molars


Kids dentist Miami uses this appliance when a child loses its lower crowded teeth or baby teeth early. Until the adult teeth fully erupt, the lower lingual holding arch typically stays in place. Dentists use this device mostly on younger patients whose adult teeth are still developing. Consult a pediatric dentist Miami for the treatment of space maintenance of mouth.


What can we expect from the lower lingual holding arch?


When you place something new into the mouth, it takes time for the patient to acclimate. Most patients, however, adjust to this equipment within a few days. Below are some essential things to pay attention to as soon as they install the appliances


  • Saliva production may increase for a few days after they place the implants. It, however, will pass fast.


  • Your speech may come across as a little strange at first. It occurs because the tongue now has a new object to work within the mouth. During the initial few days, the orthodontist in Miami recommends patients talk as loud as possible to help the tongue acclimatize.


  • For the first several days, your mouth may be sore. You can use over-the-counter pain relievers, and a soft-food diet may also be beneficial.


  • During the adjustment period, soft tissue may become inflamed. Patients can swish with warm salt water if this happens. If a youngster does not like the flavor of saltwater, alcohol-free mouth rinses are available.


What are the cleaning and maintenance tips for the lower lingual holding arch?


The lower lingual holding arch is virtually maintenance-free. However, there are some guidelines to observe while they are in place.


  • Sticky foods (like taffy, gum, or caramel) and chewy candy can cause the appliance to loosen.


  • Avoid playing with the wires with your tongue. Picking at the wire or bands should also be avoided by patients.


  • Eat hard or crunchy foods with caution, as they may damage the appliances.


  • Contact an orthodontist near me for adults to have the appliance re-cemented if one or more bands shift up or down.




We hope the above-given information helps you learn more about the lower lingual holding arch. We discuss using a lower lingual holding arch, what to expect from a lower lingual holding arch, cleaning or maintenance tips, and more. For further information regarding the lower lingual holding arch, don't hesitate to contact

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