Published on 07/25/2018 7:37 am
The dissimilarity between a dentist and an orthodontist

Sometimes, some patients who decide to undergo orthodontic action do not know which professional to contact: a dentist or an orthodontist. The nuance that separates them is area, since the second is a specialist in the study, avoidance and action of oral conditions caused by abnormality of growth, growth or poor positioning of the teeth. Thus, it is the most indicated to apply orthodontic method and techniques such as those we offer at Prop dental Clinics.


What is the dissimilarity between a dentist and an orthodontist?

Orthodontist Near Me are those who look at, place and monitor all types of brackets and other forms of action. They correct crossed bites, overbites, askew teeth, diatoms (space between the teeth), crowding ... among many other problems. Although there are more and more adults who decide to undergo orthodontic action, usually the patients are children. In this way, in addition to knowing the suitable technical and scientific aspects, they know how to deal with the little ones. 

The most requested orthodontic treatments

  1.  Envisaging: is a revolutionary American system that has offered to thousands of children, young people and adults a movie smile without having to wear the annoying metalized teeth. Envisaging, transparent and removable aligners that are placed over the teeth, uses the latest technology in Orthodontics Near Me.

What are the advantages? The 3D vision allows seeing on the screen the result that the patient will obtain in a few months. In addition, being practically transparent aligners, they are invisible to the eyes of others. They can be extracted to clean the teeth, eat, exercise ... which facilitates dental hygiene and protects the tissues of the mouth from possible impacts.

  1.    Customary   metal braces: despite the great innovations that have emerged in this field, many are the patients who still prefer to bet on the usual techniques.  Conservative brackets hold by Braces Dentist Near Me, reposition and strengthen the patient's teeth. They are composed of small pieces that are placed on the front of the teeth and a metal arc that joins them and moves them.

It has been shown that the effectiveness of 'lifelong' treatment does not compete with that of others. That is, the same results are achieved through different channels. 

  1.  Lingual brackets: Braces Near Me allows patients to smile with confidence even in full treatment. They are completely hidden behind the teeth, since that is where the brackets are placed. Recent advances in this sector have allowed perfecting the technique and adapting the materials to the shape of each tooth, increasing patient comfort and minimizing the impact on speech.

Especially on the part of adults and adolescents concerned about aesthetics during the procedure, lingual orthodontics has configured a truly viable option. 

  1.  Ceramic brackets: thanks to the effectiveness of ceramic Affordable Braces Near Me, the patient will require less time for treatment and fewer visits to the dentist during the same. In addition, they are more comfortable, aesthetic and compatible with people of all ages. They help to strengthen and position the teeth without the need for extractions, in most cases. 


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